The Back Story

Fascinoma is a folk-pop / performance art ensemble fronted by Alanna Lin Ramage and supported by a stable of talented geezerhosen.  Based in Los Angeles, though originally hailing from the smoky backwaters of Cleveland, OH, Ramage captivates audiences with soothing vocals, humor, poetry, and just enough performance art to keep things interesting.   

A 2008 sleeper-of-a-national-debut on Fox Television’s American Dad featuring Fascinoma's original track “I’m Walking This Road Because You Stole My Car (Don’t Go)” off her debut album, introduced the artist to fans around the world with active Netflix memberships.  

Los Angeles blog, Rollo Grady, who reportedly came across the artist accidentally while flipping television channels, made quick comparisons between the unknown artist and Cat Power, Dido, and Liz Phair. Kevin Bronson ( wrote, “The delicious intersection of tragedy and comedy in matters of heart hardly gets tastier. . .”

2008-2013 :  >^^<

New Album 

2017 sees the release of Don’t Let Me Down | A Beatles Cover Album by an artist who openly speculates that her background as a 2nd generation Taiwanese-American kept her insulated from the Fabulous Four.  “I didn’t know the Beatles very well; there was no record collection to inherit.  My parents were immigrants from Taiwan --I still don’t think my mom knows who John Lennon is.”  

Co-produced with Raffaello Mazza, the album will be digitally released by Water & Power (the artist’s independent label) in 2016.  

Foregoing a traditional tour to promote the album's release, a web-series on Youtube will commence before the end of the year to promote tracks from the album as well as useless ideas and information to subscribers. 

Fascinoma has toured the Midwest college circuit, performed as a featured artist at NXNE in Toronto, the Make Music Festival in Pasadena, CA, opened for Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses, shared stage with Two Gallants, licensed a little music for independent film / TV, and most recently curated a night of music and original comedy at Blue Whale, LA's premier jazz club for very super awesome! 
The group’s next live performance will be on the web.   Please visit:

In the meantime, cat videos, everybody.

I am Chairmeowww.

I am Chairmeowww.