The Back Story

Fascinoma is a folk-pop / performance art ensemble fronted by Alanna Lin Ramage and supported by a stable of talented geezerhosen.  Based in Los Angeles, though originally hailing from the smoky backwaters of Cleveland, OH, Ramage captivates audiences with soothing vocals, humor, poetry, and just enough performance art to keep things interesting.   

“I’m Walking This Road Because You Stole My Car (Don’t Go)” aired on Fox Television’s American Dad in 2018.

Los Angeles blog, Rollo Grady, came across the artist accidentally while flipping television channels, and made some quick comparisons.

Kevin Bronson ( wrote, “The delicious intersection of tragedy and comedy in matters of heart hardly gets tastier. . .”

2008-2013 :  >^^< - mysterious cat years

FASCINOMA has a new full length release in the works.  Visit www.facebookcom/fascinoma to watch live online performances and video updates.

I am Chairmeowww.

I am Chairmeowww.