How It Goes

How It Goes

Happiness Is A Warm Gun - Track No. 6 in My Beatles Cover Album 

Truly, it's terrible to be born naked and pooping yourself.  
It is undeniably one of the big downers of the human condition.  
From this state, you survive, while relying on others for cues on how not to poop yourself, and eventually are able to participate in society as a free-agent, voluntarily suppressing your bowels on an as-needed basis.  How voluntary is potty training really?  And add to that fashion considerations.  That's a lot.

My point is, we come such a long way from being new humans to becoming self-possessed adults.  When it comes to Happiness Is a Warm Gun - I remember thinking, "OMG.  How cool!  They're singing that happiness is like a gun!  I would never think that."  I supposed I was in 5th grade when I heard of the song for the first time.  Back in those elementary / junior high school days when word pairings are totally fresh, also, when you learn about crazy, inconceivable things, like suicide, or oral sex -- I mean, come on!  My child's brain almost exploded to accommodate those concepts! 

But back to my Beatles cover of Happiness Is A Warm Gun that's on my Beatles Cover Album, (that's not a righteous sentence, I know, but I'm getting too conversational.  SEO comes first!). . .

John Lennon learned to poo and be a bad ass.  
When I first tried to sing this song, I sang it like a 4th grader and it was very bad.
Over time -- (a few years transpired in the making of this record), I grew as a person and with the stretching of my limits, discovered my vocal cords had also grown hair. 
Take a listen.  
And in case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of the Squatty Potty.

And if you want to hear the Breeder's cover of Happiness is a Warm Gun, make sure you have seat-belt on.


Beatles Covers Are For Lovers  

The main benefit to doing Beatles Covers, is that you invariably gain something when you attempt to learn and reproduce a song that you connect with.  It's a way of digesting the emotional effect experienced as a listener -- to conjure it up in your own body, and maybe transmit it to others. 

I will never know what it is like to be in John Lennon's shoes, but I do know what it's like to sing a melody that came out of his consciousness. . .and mouth.  In this way, trying on the rhythms of a lyric can be seen as a way of literally taking on another person's phrasing and cadence.  Of all the songs on the album, I have two favorites.  One of them is "Julia."  It's so simple and achingly beautiful, a sonic representation of that liminal space of light above / on top of / in the ocean. . .and of love (of course).  It brought me shivers of pleasure to sing it.  

There is a production mentality in life that you need to make stuff and market it and sell it and worry about packaging and getting the word out -- and then. . .AND THEN!  There's the real experience of discovering stuff and getting to play with it, explore it, understand it, and embody it and inhabit the expressive possibilities of a song or life situation -- and the gift is in the process--yeah!  the cliche is true!  the process of life! and it's transcendent and ephemeral, and personal. . .and who gives a sh-t about the production of things, the relentless commerce--there's a communion in the arts because it's the medium of the soul.  Oh brother.  Did I just write that? I meant every word.

I set out to record an album of Beatles covers, but instead got covered in the light and shrapnel of John Lennon, George Harrison, et al.  


Oh the Joys of Beatles Covers 

Everyone should know, blogging is garbage. :)

Anyway, you'll find this blog especially stupid because I am going to try to optimize for keywords like Beatles Covers, Beatles Cover Album, in the hopes that over the years, as I diligently write the same blog over and over again, there will come a day when people Google search Beatles Covers --- they find me, voila! first search result on Google!  And Chairmeowww's plan will have worked.  

That said, if you would like to get in on this action, as a fellow deev (devious, creative type), leave a comment and litter it with Beatles related words and links.  I cover only 10 songs, but I dunno, wouldn't it be funny if over 3 decades, my website eventually shows up as the most relevant Beatles site?  I hope not, but I secretly hope so, too!  Only the insane part of me dreams in such ways.

So for example, you could write something like:
"I think the album is so-so, Alanna. Beatles Covers Albums are like tofurkey.  Not tofu, not turkey, and not convincing.  Get a real job!"  

You don't have to be negative.  I just can't help but think of commenting in terms of trolling.  They are not one and the same.

"Alanna, although the last thing you put out on your own was in 2008, I'm really glad you put out this Beatles Cover Album.  I especially like your rendition of that song about John Lennon's mother, 'Jemima.'"

(To help me pull off this heist, you should link to something Beatles related on the web.  Take your pick.  Beatles-Inspired Dog Fashions?  I just searched for it. . . Surprisingly, nothing.)

In order to make this blog not totally asinine, I will also post other things.  Stories from daily life that are universally relevant.  How about it?

Thank you for checking out my website, my music, from your simultaneous orbit in this universe.  We live in different dimensions, otherwise known as time zones and micro time-zones between one life and another, but I feel privileged and honored that you have spent your time with me.  

Gracias, chiquitos!

That is not Spanish!  


(My husband dislikes this photo.  Perhaps because I look like a blue weirdo?  I think it needs more work.)  What do you think?