Happiness Is A Warm Gun - Track No. 6 in My Beatles Cover Album

Truly, it's terrible to be born naked and pooping yourself.  
It is undeniably one of the big downers of the human condition.  
From this state, you survive, while relying on others for cues on how not to poop yourself, and eventually are able to participate in society as a free-agent, voluntarily suppressing your bowels on an as-needed basis.  How voluntary is potty training really?  And add to that fashion considerations.  That's a lot.

My point is, we come such a long way from being new humans to becoming self-possessed adults.  When it comes to Happiness Is a Warm Gun - I remember thinking, "OMG.  How cool!  They're singing that happiness is like a gun!  I would never think that."  I supposed I was in 5th grade when I heard of the song for the first time.  Back in those elementary / junior high school days when word pairings are totally fresh, also, when you learn about crazy, inconceivable things, like suicide, or oral sex -- I mean, come on!  My child's brain almost exploded to accommodate those concepts! 

But back to my Beatles cover of Happiness Is A Warm Gun that's on my Beatles Cover Album, (that's not a righteous sentence, I know, but I'm getting too conversational.  SEO comes first!). . .

John Lennon learned to poo and be a bad ass.  
When I first tried to sing this song, I sang it like a 4th grader and it was very bad.
Over time -- (a few years transpired in the making of this record), I grew as a person and with the stretching of my limits, discovered my vocal cords had also grown hair. 
Take a listen.  
And in case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of the Squatty Potty.

And if you want to hear the Breeder's cover of Happiness is a Warm Gun, make sure you have seat-belt on.


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